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Time zone 
   Enter the difference in hours[2] to Greenwich, U.K. (GMT),
positive for east, negative for west
U.S., Eastern = -5, Central = -6, Mountain = -7, Pacific = -8
England = 0, Europe (Germany, France, Italy) = 1
India = 5.5, Japan = 9, South Korea = 9

Daylight Saving Type  (more info)


         except Mexico





 Time style:

 Calendar starts on:

Extra blank lines in each day box,
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Numbers can include one decimal point or a comma for entering fractional portions. Because of rounding, the preview text and the calendar may differ by 1/10th of a minute -- this does not significantly affect any of the times calculated.


1. The fields latitude and longitude "as Decimal" are the ones used to create the calendar. Latitudes of 89.9 and higher will be rounded up to 90.

You can also use the preview area, "as Degrees Minutes Dir", to enter your coordinates. Separate the numbers with a space and for "Dir" use N, S, E or W.

2. To enter a half-hour time zone use a .5, for example -3.5 for Newfoundland, Canada.

3. On the calendar, latitude and longitude will be shown with the notation "not for navigational purposes". Please see the Accuracy page for the reason why.


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