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Accuracy Statement

for SunriseSunset.com

Recreational Use Only

All data presented on this site, SunriseSunset.com, is intended for recreational use only. Other use of the data may work satisfactorily, but is not guaranteed.

Latitude & Longitude

Latitude and longitude, if displayed on a calendar or any other page on this site, are not to be used for navigational purposes. Do not use them as the sole source of information for the coordinates to enter in the GPS computer in your car, boat, ship, airplane or any other type of automated navigation. They are shown so the user knows the coordinates that were used for calculating the times on the calendar.

For cities and towns, the predefined coordinates should be accurate to within a mile or two, or a few minutes of both latitude and longitude. Higher accuracy is not needed for cities and towns since they are generally spread out over more than a mile or a couple of kilometers.

For specific sites, such as a visitor center building or a campground in a National Park, the predefined coordinates have been entered to within about 1000 feet or 300 meters.

In any case, the numbers are for recreational use only and they should be accurate, but their accuracy is not guaranteed. Concerns may be sent by email.

Tip! Select the coordinates together, for example: 38 53.3' N, 77 02.1' W, and then Copy-and-Paste them in to a mapping web site, such as Google maps or Bing maps. Or, install Google Earth and try to find the panoramic photo of the Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde.

Times of Rise, Set, Phases, etc.

This site uses algorithms that are generally accurate to within a minute of the actual time of the event. The accuracy of sunrise, sunset and twilight times degrades slightly as the latitude of the location is farther north of 60 degrees north or farther south of 60 degrees south. The accuracy can degrade even more above 70 degrees.

The elevation used for the calculations is 0, therefore rise and set times may be a few minutes earlier or later for higher elevations.

Daylight Saving Time

All local times are adjusted to daylight saving time using these rules. The days which a country begins and ends observing daylight saving time are determined by the government of that country. The algorithms this site uses are believed to be correct, but they may be inaccurate because of incorrect assumptions or governmental change of the dates. Contact the developers by email for any requests or corrections.

Local Times

The current local time calculations are dependent on the accuracy of the clock of the server where the page is generated. The server's clock is synchronized with an atomic clock periodically, but between this synchronization the clock may drift ahead or behind by a number of seconds. Other factors may affect the accuracy of the clock causing the local time to be displayed incorrectly.

User-Entered Values

Users of this site agree that entering incorrect values to any form can produce unusable results.

Years Supported

The years supported by this site are 1901 to 2099.


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