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Lat: 0 00.0' N,  Long: 0 00.0' W
Time zone: +0:00
For Day: 22 Sept 2017
Twilight: 5:29am
Sunrise: 5:49am
Sunset: 5:56pm
Twilight: 6:17pm
Next Day
Twilight: 5:28am
Sunrise: 5:49am
Sunset: 5:56pm
Twilight: 6:16pm

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* On the Full Calendar you may need to use the link Modify Settings to adjust the DST and Time zone to the proper settings for your location. For example, if it shows  -4 for Time zone, you may need to change it to  -5 and set the DST to 'North America'. The calendar will then properly adjust to DST throughout the year.
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